Alameda Shuttle

For years, people have been saying, “Wouldn’t it be great of Alameda had some kind of shuttle …” Well, it’s time to stop just saying, and start doing!

The Greater Alameda Business Association has gathered support from a number of other business and community groups – including the Chamber of Commerce, the West Alameda Business Association, the Downtown Alameda Business Association, and Community Action for a Sustainable Alameda – to advocate for a comprehensive transportation solution that will serve ALL Alamedans.

Now we need your help. The City Council is scheduled to consider a Transportation Demand Management (TDM) Program Draft Plan on Nov. 7. But even though surveys and workshops conducted by the City to prepare the TDM showed a shuttle service to be the top priority of Alamedans, the TDM all but ignores the expressed wishes of the community.

Please sign the petition urging the City Council to make the Alameda Shuttle a high priority of the new TDM.

Specifically, we are working toward a innovative system that includes:

• Frequent service, with 10-minute headways during peak hours; no more than 15-minute headways during most business hours, and 30-minute headways during off-peak hours

• Free-to-the-end-user, as a system without fare boxes removes a significant barrier to ridership and indeed encourages greater use

• Routes that serve schools, parks, senior facilities, business districts large and small, and are within three blocks or less of most Alameda residences

• Clean fuel vehicles, with accommodations for bicycles

• Connections to regional transportation hubs – BART and the ferry terminals – to not only ease congestion at our existing choke points, but also encourage ridership by visitors and those who commute to work to our island.

Help us bring a shuttle service to Alameda

Urge City Council to make the Alameda Shuttle a high priority of the new TDM.